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How does a person become a writer? Start writing. Or so the saying goes.


Early in her career, Anne Rawland Gabriel decided this wasn’t good enough. The question she asked herself was: How does a person become a great writer? The answer: Constantly pursue opportunities that expand your horizons; never assume you know it all; and always maintain a sense of humor.



From Cubicle to Corner Office

Gabriel first put her theory into practice when an opportunity to move from news reporting to marine electronics came along. Although she’d never owned a boat larger than a canoe, Gabriel quickly became one of the top writers in the field by showing a talent for demystifying even the most sophisticated of technologies.


Later, a top-25 consumer software company recruited Gabriel to serve as their public relations executive. Her efforts garnered the company regular industry and mass media attention in all formats, from radio and television broadcasts to publications such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. As spokesperson she was interviewed and quoted extensively, including by Newsweek and The New York Times. Industry insiders often commented on Gabriel’s ability to travel solo – communications personnel generally preferred to keep an engineer handy at all times.


A Firm of Her Own

Following her own entrepreneurial spirit, Gabriel eventually left the corporate world. She founded a marketing communications agency that grew to become the leading regional representative for established and emerging organizations. Because most of Gabriel’s clients were developing branding strategies for the first time, she measured success not by the awards her firm won but by the improvements her agency made in her clients’ bottom line.


After six years as an employer, Gabriel realized her first love was putting words on a page and she began to revive her writing career. Subsequently, Gabriel relocated to the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, metro area where she lives and works today. Depending on client needs, Gabriel completes writing, marketing and public relations projects.


Putting Experience to Work

When Gabriel decided to try her hand at being an author, she pursued an opportunity to write a book for Entrepreneur Media’s business start-up series. Editors warned her the only topic immediately available was one other authors had passed over as “not very much fun.” Gabriel accepted the challenge and discovered a thoroughly enjoyable sub-culture during her research for How to Start a Vending Machine Business, ©2000, 2003.


Just as her projects have ranged from annual reports to TV specials, Gabriel’s print and online publishing credits are equally broad. Some examples include: Active Living, The ADA Diabetes Forecast, Boating World,, Commercial Law Bulletin, Computers in Accounting, Home & Outdoor Expo, The Meeting Professional, Minnesota, Minnesota Technology,, School Music Dealer,, Wildlife Conservation,, and Women’s Sports+Fitness.


Although she considers herself fortunate to have spent two decades doing something different nearly everyday, Gabriel still wonders if she’ll ever own a boat larger than a canoe.












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